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Author Topic: F1 losing its shine!  (Read 1680 times)


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F1 losing its shine!
« on: Sep 20, 09, 23:03 »
Ever since Minardi faced financial crunch in running its team, F1 started showing symptoms of an incurable disease. F1 has became expensive showbiz than as a sport. It is attracting less audience. The races have became dull. Expensive entry fee started turning away audiences. The races are becaming a side show. F1 is making NEWS more for offtrack activities than for the actual race. Races became a funeral procession of kind with hardly any overtakes with predicatable outcome.

If we look back, due to heavy financial requrement, Minardi and Jordan hired pay drivers. These drivers are not able to help the team improve the car due to their lack of knowledge. Some of these drivers become a speed breaker and potential danger in the race track. This paydriver concept is taking a new turn and color and going to haunt F1 in the form of nationalism.

After years of indifference to teams like Minardi and Jordan, FIA and F1 woke up when it felt their survival is under threat and lured teams to stay back by debating rule changes to make it more attractive and less expensive. But the rule changes itself is adding to additional expenses. Still rule changes are not stabilized to allow the teams to standardize the factory. Some more new rules on the way for year 2010. Out of desperation to show some results F1 banned practice during off season which had more negative affects than positives.

Worst is the take over of the outfits by outfits who consider is as a business venture. Midland F1 is an example. So is Spyker.

Worst is yet to come in the name of Nationalism. USF1 and FI. Now, Lotus, the newly joined team in F1 is backed by Malaysian Goverment! and Proton the Malysian Car maker. It seems Malaysian Prime Minister spoke about the team composition recently! There is a possibilty Malaysian Driver Fairuz Fauzy (Ex-GP2) may join the Lotus team as one of the drivers.

If I am a Malaysian I will certainy be proud but if I am a F1 fan I will be much more happy to see traditional race clubs come in and take over. People interested in uplifting thier nation in Motorsports should do so by improving infrastructure for Motorsports in thier country and finance Junior programmes and finance drivers who show capabilities.

The trend is set and some more countries may enter F1 grid. I understand F1 cannot stop take overs but can filter drivers that drive these cars. In that way you can still maintain the driver quality and also discourage establishments with narrow nationalist thoughts taking over teams. Time to introduce a rule which is quantitative and qualitative. For Example FIA can set rule by which only previous year GP2 top 3 drivers and Formula2 top 3 drivers can become drivers or test drivers in F1 (you get 6 drivers every year). This way mediocre people joining F1 can be stopped.

Right now, many manufacturers are leaving the F1. The reason is simple. The Manufacturer's Board of Directors feels it is not worth staying in F1. Nothing more and nothing less. Honda and Now BMW. Renaults is on the cards. Then you will have only Mercedes, Toyota and Ferrari. None of the manufaturers who were in F1 before like Ford, Jaguar, Porsche, etc., wants to come back which means F1 is slowly becoming an unattractiive option.

Toyota also may get soon frustrated as non-manufacturing and rookie teams winning and their team always taking the wooden spoon. They may also pull the plug.

When we talk all these one shall not forget that the event organizers (Circuit Management) is hardly able to meet ends. Many gone bankrupt and many circuits are surving based on subsidies from Government.

Soon F1 may go IRL, Champ Car..way. And it will only benefit races like NASCAR to come in to prominence. There are times in recent races I slept watching F1 race. It is not a joke but it is a fact. A glimmer of hope is Brawn GP winning this season but one has to take in to account the money Honda pumped in during the off season last year. Brawn claims its finance for next 3 years is assured but we have to wait and see whether they have a budget sufficient to keep it at the top.

Hope F1 does some thing and changes the tide.

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