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Volkswagen Polo Cup
« on: Mar 18, 10, 22:02 »
The first season of the Volkswagen Polo Cup India will start on 19 June 2010 in the country that is home to Volkswagen India: A city street race in Pune will be the inaugural event of the new one-make cup. A total of six races on three different race tracks are on the calendar.

One race per month is planned for the period between June and November. Besides the inaugural events in Pune, the circuits in Chennai and Coimbatore will be the venues of the Indian Polo Cup featuring identical Racing Polo cars powered by 96-kW 1.6-litre diesel engines. The Cup Polo is the first racing car in India to sport diesel technology.
"The Racing Polo meets the highest demands,” says Prithviraj Siddappa, the director of the Volkswagen Polo Cup India. "It is on a par with top-class safety standards, offers dynamic handling and robustness that has been proved in racing.” The vehicle was developed by Volkswagen Motorsport in Germany for motorsport rookies.
To assure maximum equality of opportunities, the vehicles for the Polo Cup India are centrally prepared by the Volkswagen plant in Pune. They are equipped with professional data logging units which enable the 20 firmly registered talents to obtain information about their own performance and a direct comparison with their rivals. In the Polo Cup India, the participants are prepared for the season in basic training courses, media training sessions, a fitness camp and technical training.      

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