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Author Topic: 7 days No Post?  (Read 2748 times)


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7 days No Post?
« on: Feb 13, 11, 10:25 »
Registeration to StarF1 is required only if you decide to post. Otherwise, for simple viewing posts/topics/pictures you dont require registeration.

In StarF1 many new members join but many never make even single post.  We understand it will take them some time to start participating but we found many dont even post a single post even after months.

To discourage such registeration and encourage members active partcipation StarF1 is introducing moderation of members list.

As a first step to remove inactive members, starF1 will henceforth will delete registered members who have not posted even once in 7 days after their registeration.

We will later go one step higher later [which will be announced in this topic] and delete all those registered member who have not logged even once in 120 days.


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