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Title: Van Der Garde vs Sauber
Post by: R SRINIVASAN on Mar 12, 15, 01:16
It is nice to start the year with a controversy. Sauber vs Van der Garde. F1 is more fun due to this. In fact these controversies are more exciting than race itself.

Supreme court in Victoria has upheld the verdict given by the lower court which means Sauber cannot hide behind the safety issue. They have now 3 drivers for 2 cars for the Sunday race.

Also, this verdict is not for one race but for the entire season which means the money Sauber raised by selling the seats will not be fully available for it this season. (What about the other affected driver taking legal course?)

Back, in last session, I expected Sauber to wind up. But they managed to keep them afloat. But with this controversy - the writing is in the wall.

Van der Garde may have won the court case but in F1, tweeking the car set up a little bit can ensure he goes through hell during the race. Sauber will ensure that and using the performance clause will through him out of F1 for ever.  Because in F1 teams rules and every team will ensure Van der Garde not get another chance. :O