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Title: Fernando Alonso Riches to Rags
Post by: R SRINIVASAN on Mar 17, 15, 07:15
What a disaster for the man. Looking back he will be cursing himself for the outburst he had in 2014 season -  foul mouthing Ferrari's performance. Ferrari, as always and no different from other F1 teams, worked secretly to find an alternative to throw him out. Came in the form of Sebastian Vettel.
Fernando Alonso
Alonso suddenly left without a seat for 2015 season. He even contemplated sitting out 2015 season only to end up with old adversary McLaren. Remember Kimi Raikonnen had similar issue with Ferrari. Ferrari is great in that respect. Kill a product if it is not useful.

Now Honda is in such big trouble like every other engine manufacturer went through in the initial stages (and still going through except Mercedes). Alonso is in wrong place at wrong time. Adding to that is the concussion he has suffered during the tests.

But a very good lesson for F1 drivers, keep the mouth shut and know the limits. After all you are a driver not the team owner. And not the only one driver who can drive a F1 car! Sergio Perez learnt some time back at McLaren and now Alonso at Ferrari.

Wonder how the world had turned upside down for a man who was considered as God in F1! Time only will tell what future holds for him.